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In 2019, FVServices began offering legal and affordable upgrading and gaming services, including exclusive Fortnite skins and DLCs, directly to our customers' accounts. Within less than a year, we achieved over 1,000 sales and received up to 300 positive reviews on Instagram, Discord, and eBay. Notably, we have garnered 0 negative reviews from our valued customers and have been trusted by numerous influencers worldwide, who also count among our satisfied clientele.

That's why, in January 2024, after working on it for several months we decided to launch the fully updated FVServices – a platform designed to provide you with your favorite subscriptions at the best prices, offering discounts of up to 80% compared to retail prices, all within your account. Our service is legal, rapid, and hassle-free, thanks to the trust you've placed in us over the years!

So far, we have consistently delivered some of the best subscription prices across the internet, offering an additional 50% off compared to most competitors in the market. Our platform boasts the fastest upgrading rate, and, most importantly, we operate entirely legally.

Currently, our team consists of two individuals with expertise in IT and digital product offering from the USA and Greece. Continuously expanding, we offer 24/7 apparel assistance to all countries, ensuring rapid and hassle-free upgrades within just a few hours, and have successfully achieved global 24/7 support while accepting orders worldwide.

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